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North West Fife Fancy Canary Club

Constitution & Decision Making Mandate

Date Issued:



Date Approved:


The North West Fife Fancy Canary club exists to promote the Fife Fancy Canary in the North West of England. The club will achieve this through the hosting of an annual show and any other activity deemed appropriate by the committee. The club will actively encourage new fanciers into the hobby by offering help and advice to newcomers freely and without prejudice.

The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting in January of each year for the election or re-election of officers and committee. The committee will meet twice each calendar year, or by exception in the event of an exceptional item.

Decision Making Definitions and Process



Constitutional Change

         Any proposed change to the clubs constitution must be voted unanimously by the committee.

         Any decision to cease the existence of the club must be voted unanimously by the committee.



Change Motion

         Change motions can be brought forward by any member of the committee and must be lodged 4 weeks prior to the AGM where they will be voted.

         Change motions will only be considered at the AGM

         Any proposed change motions must receive a majority vote; in the event of a tied vote the honorary chairperson holds a casting vote. 


Election of Officers

         Officers will be elected at the AGM.

         Incumbent officers will be allowed to remain in post should they wish to and receive a proposer and seconder from the serving committee. 


Removal of Officers

         Any member of the committee, supported by a proposer and seconder may make a motion of no confidence in any serving officer. This will go to vote.

         In the event of behaviour unbecoming of the club or likely to bring the reputation of the club into disrepute the individual is expected to resign their position with immediate effect and make a formal apology.



Financial Management

         The club treasurer will produce an audited statement of position at each AGM.

         The club should retain at least 1,000 in reserve.

         Members of the committee with the exception of the two honorary posts are expected to pay subs.

         The general secretary may at their own discretion, draw the sum of 100 per financial year to cover for out of pocket expenses. 



Exceptional Items

         In the event of an exceptional item or matter arising not covered within the constitution or decision making mandate any member of the committee can call an emergency meeting. A majority show of hands will pass any exceptional item.

         No member of the club, regardless of position holds the right to veto.



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